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Rules & Regulations

We ask that you follow the established rules and regulations to ensure all patrons are able to enjoy the park. ​

Rules and regulations are enforced by the Department of Parks and Recreation Park Rangers. 

DPR Park Rangers Contact Number: 202-441-2605


In the event of an emergency, call 911. 

In case of a non-life threatening emergency, please contact DPR Park Rangers at (202) 441‐2605.

Prohibited Activity on DPR Property

Illegal activity, including the use of drugs or the consumption of alcohol, fires, automotive work, parking on grass or in unauthorized areas, consumption of alcohol, gambling, the possession or use of unlawful substances, and the possession or use of explosives, firecrackers, or firearms (or weapons of any type), smoking is prohibited.

Hours of Use

The 10th Street Park is closed and secured by DPR Park Rangers at sunset. No after-hours use of the park is permitted. 


The 10th Street Community Park welcomes leashed dogs. Per the Department of Parks and Recreation, dogs are NOT permitted on playing fields, children’s play areas, flower beds, bushes/other plantings, or water features. Working service animals are exempt from pet regulations. Appropriate signs are posted in and around these areas giving the public notice of these policies. DPR tries to enforce these policies with communication and networking through community meetings rather than invoking MPD to write citations. However, visitors may receive fines if they violate DC leash laws on DPR properties. 



Rules and regulations are subject to change. To view the complete list of the rules and regulations, visit the DC Department of Parks and Recreation website

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